Superlative coffee

Christopher Lewis and Montrose Babb-Benjamin share a love of coffee that has become a deep and personal relationship. For them life begins after coffee so it was over a cup or three of their favourite brew that they would imagine what they would do to create a specialist coffee collection that could bring their love of these incredible flavours to a wider audience.

Stimulated by the glorious bean their dreams have become a reality.

Their coffee experience is based on years of exploration. Over most of their life, thanks to business travel and vacations, Chris and Montrose have travelled the world savouring the best coffees and screwing up their faces at the worst.

This unbeatable knowledge and understanding of what makes a superlative cupful means they are perfectly placed to meet the demands of the 4th wave of coffee appreciation. Chris and Montrose have developed rewarding relationships with individual farmers and key importers. They have worked with specialist roasters to discover how the sensitivity of the roast draws out the best flavour. They have also learnt from top baristas about getting the most out of a particular roast by varying brew pressures, water flow and temperatures.

They are now ready to offer you their pick of single estates, single origins and exclusive blends. Here’s coffee that will never disappoint.

Let Chris and Montrose introduce you to a taste you will love…

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