Christopher & Montrose

Their coffee experience is based on years of exploration. Over most of their life, thanks to upbringings in various countries, business travel, and of course vacations, Chris and Monty have travelled the world extensively, savouring the best coffees and screwing up their faces at the worst. This unbeatable knowledge and understanding of what makes a superlative cupful means they are perfectly placed to meet the demands of the 4th wave* of coffee appreciation.

Working with the best baristas

Chris and Monty have developed rewarding relationships with individual farmers and key importers. They have worked with specialist roasters to discover how the sensitivity of the roast draws out the best flavour. They have also learnt from top baristas about getting the most out of a particular roast by varying brew pressures, water flow and temperatures.

They are now ready to offer you their pick of single estates, single origins and exclusive blends. Here is coffee that will never disappoint.

Let Chris and Monty introduce you to a taste you will love…

“Here is coffee that will never disappoint”

The Christopher Montrose Coffee team partook in many miles and thousands of tastings before creating and curating their coffees for discerning coffee lovers like you.

From time to time we will be holding competitions, launching new products, passing on great hints and tips and chatting with industry colleagues. So if you are interested in the world of coffee, or receiving the opportunity to enter a competition for a valuable prize, and would like to hear from us from time to time, do register here.

We look forward to hearing from you and promise not to overwhelm you with information.

*The Five Waves of Coffee

The 1st Wave

First wave coffee describes the mass adoption of coffee in the household. It’s mass-marketed instant coffee for the home. Folgers and Maxwell House made instant coffee extremely convenient for purchase by mass producing predominantly robusta beans.

The 2nd Wave

The 70’s saw new and interesting brands emerging. Starbucks et al stole a march and brought café culture to the masses.

The 3rd wave

This is the wave of coffee you and I live in today. It’s artisan, ‘craft’, local, hipster. Generally speaking, it’s a luxury, especially if you’re ordering a rare Guatemalan bean and brewing it using a V60 from a London coffee shop.

Third wave coffee is fun. It’s developmental and progressive. We understand the needs of producers. We’re building actual relationships and we’re working towards locally sourced speciality goods, while the rest of the world tries to mass-produce as much as it can.

The 4th Wave

This wave is not fully defined or developed yet, however the mass speculation is that coffee will step away from the bright lights of barista competitions and rosettes and focus instead on consumers and producers. Coffee for the more discerning coffee drinker in the home or out on the town. Consumers who will not compromise on quality and taste, who take an interest in where the coffee comes from and if it is produced fairly and sustainably.

The major players in the coffee industry will heavily promote and showcase its farmers. Even making trips to South America once a year to help build schools and provide tools for farmers to help improve their lives. It will showcase the global community that we are becoming.

Possibly in the years to come, we, as consumers will think nothing of holidaying in Colombia and staying on coffee farms, engrossing ourselves in blind cupping sessions, sampling new flavours and making notes in our journals.

The 5th Wave

This wave will reflect a powerful new era of scaled boutique hospitality and is the current ideology shaping business trends across the global coffee industry. Put simply, the 5th Wave implies scaling up consistent high quality to achieve a highly successful, customer-centric and sustained business outcome.