Some light relief in the run-up to the Christmas Festivities.

Try our Christmas Quiz along with a coffee to make you smile.

We thought we’d celebrate the end of our first year of blogs with a quiz.

It has been a year of ups and downs for many people so we hope this will take your minds off any worries you might have for a little while at least.

Hint: the answers to all the questions are in our blogs.


1. Which famous insurance company that still exists today started out in a London Coffee House?
2. Where was coffee first discovered?
3. In which country do people drink the most coffee per head?
4. Where is Blue Mountain coffee produced and where is the best grown?
5. Where does the tradition of Kaffee und Kuchen take place?
6. What are the ingredients in Tia Maria?
7. What day is International Coffee Day?
8. What is extraction?
9. What is a Q grader?
10. Where did the 2022 Barista championships take place?
11. What are the two best-known types of coffee?
12. Which country produces the most coffee?