Brazilian coffee growers harnessing technology to combat climate change and increase productivity

In our May 17 blog we highlighted the effects of climate change on coffee production.

In the last year, for Brazil in particular, drought has reduced production by a quarter leading to a doubling in wholesale prices.

But some growers are finding ways to improve productivity when there is no possibility of increasing the acreage on which they can grow coffee as well as best use the existing water and other resources.

One large-scale producer is investing at least 10% of its revenues in a technology called Cropwise Protector, developed by a Swiss-Chinese company.

It allows the user to use ground sensors and satellite imagery to identify drip-irrigation, or pest-control to specific areas where needed.

Technology also helps in the coffee drying process to monitor temperature and cut down on waste.

Another company has turned to the use of semi-automated irrigation to precisely identify water deficit and weather conditions so that water can be applied where it is most needed. This company also uses automated selection machines, which select by colour and only select the ripe beans.

Clearly Brazilian growers are doing all they can to ensure you still get your dose of coffee to make you smile!