Perhaps the best-known uses of coffee in food are in coffee, or coffee and walnut cakes.

But there are some surprising ways in which coffee can be used to add something extra to meals.

You can cook with whole beans, brewed coffee, and with coffee grounds.

Perhaps one of the most unusual, and unexpected, uses of coffee is as part of a vinaigrette to accompany salad vegetables. The ingredients are sherry vinegar, instant espresso, honey, and olive oil.

You can turn coffee into a butter to spread on anything you fancy and also into a jelly for topping toasts or glazing roasted ham.

In fact, coffee can be used in a variety of ways to enhance meats.

A rub of ground coffee, paprika, cumin, herbs, chili, and garlic adds a caramelised glaze and a sticky glaze of espresso and maple syrup works especially well with bacon.

Adding coffee to a marinade can help tenderize meat. Adding coffee to a BBQ sauce can help offset the sweetness of the sauce. Mixed with some spicy seasoning, coffee makes a great addition to a spice rub too.

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